Award-Winning Research Uncovers 5 New Ways To Revitalise Your NPProgram Using Data You Already Have

If you include the Net Promoter Score (NPS) in your customer experience program as a valuable source of information, you may find this whitepaper an interesting read. At D&M Research, we have heard some of the concerns around NPS – and decided to do what we do best – turn to research to help analyse two important aspects of NPS and customer experience data:

Actual customer behaviour: What are customers doing?
Sentiment: What are customers saying?

Then we took it one step further and answered the question:

Using what we now know from our research, what more can be extracted from existing NPS data to help inform a customer experience strategy and plan?

This white paper not only outlines our research methodology and findings in detail, but also aims to provide solutions to the long-standing issues with NPS. See examples of how our 5 New Ways to Revitalise Your NPS can lead to actions that could positively impact customer experience:

  • Get under the hood
  • Get sentimental
  • Get in the driver's seat
  • Go to the top of the class
  • Get real

The research won Best Paper at the 2017 Australian Market & Social Research Society’s National Annual Conference.

To further discuss our award-winning NPS paper and resulting program, call D&M Research on (02) 9565 2655 or email Robyn* today.

*Robyn Ordman is the author of the award-winning paper "5 New Ways To Revitalise Your NPS Program" and a Research Consultant at D&M Research.

Robyn Best Paper Award

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