Goals and Objectives

March 18, 2017
What’s the business problem? The desire to do research usually starts with some sort of business problem that requires evidence to support a decision to go one way or another. Although these problems are many and varied some common ones include: Will our latest product innovation sell – does it have enough appeal to launch and who will buy it? What should our next advertising campaign say to strike a chord with new and existing customers? Why is our category slowing – what can we do to grow it again? Why are we losing brand share when other brands are growing? Where should we reposition our brand? How do we deliver a product or service that hits the mark in... (more...)

Time At Base Camp – Planning Your Research

March 13, 2017
Although it’s tempting to just get started with your research project, it’s really important to take the time to plan and consider all of the options and possible issues before you start. Think about these types of questions to create a one-page research plan. Who are you targeting? Probably the most critical question of all is making sure that you are targeting the right people. This might sound easy but in actual fact it’s quite tricky. It’s important though because if you are talking to the wrong people then your research is likely to yield spurious results. Here are some simple guidelines. The target should match the people you want to know about – they could be existing users of... (more...)

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