Emre AralInformation Designer

Emre Aral

Emre Aral


B. Design (Visual Communication)

“Research should be easy to sift through and understand to be useful. It is here that design thinking is a valuable tool when communicating findings to clients.”

Emre joined D&M in 2017 with a strong background in graphic design. He has a range of creative, intellectual and technical skills and an understanding of the historical and cultural influences that continue to develop and inform the wide-reaching discipline of visual communication.

He is in charge of the visual flair in D&M’s reports and presentations, and knows how to make an impact while respecting the numbers. He is particularly passionate about information design and data visualisation, and developing compelling visual stories for clients.


Fascinated with outer space as a kid, Emre could have grown up to become an astronaut. Or, if he had pursued a skill he discovered at a year 8 athletics carnival, he could have been an Olympic javelin thrower.

His FUEL: Emre loves to learn about the world around him so that he can excel at pub trivia. Other things he enjoys include tea sessions, podcasts, and helping others.
Emre Aral

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