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D&M Today

D&M research is best described today as a boutique, full service research agency, passionate about research, clients and successful organisations. It is unique in being one of the only smaller players that has large agency capacity by having vertically integrated all research functions including data processing, scripting and fieldwork (online), coupled with a senior research team that not only become data intimate but also fronts each project with the client. D&M believe that having every aspect of research in-house benefits our clients because intelligence is applied at every step and delivered with service levels only a smaller agency can deliver.

“We like to think of ourselves as “Boutique and Unique”, delivering big agency capacity with boutique agency care and servicing”

D&M provides research using traditional and contemporary methods to both the public and private sectors and has completed over 1,000 full service projects to date using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Our experience covers a wide range of research subjects, respondents, study types and industry sectors.

D&M was one of the first market research companies to truly embrace the new technologies including on-line research methods. Our first quantitative on-line survey was conducted in 1999 and in 2006 we started delivering on-line focus groups. D&M’s principal and senior researcher team are all actively involved in educating and developing new technologies with clients and the Market Research Society (AMSRS) through seminars and conference papers. Our latest innovations involve working with technology company GPS Innovations to bring geo-data to the world of marketing intelligence.

Why D&M?

D&M Research is an established and award winning agency that believes that our culture, expertise and experience ideally position us to undertake your next project.

Positioning that benefits our clients

We have developed a laser focused positioning “Fuel for Brilliant Decisions” that charters us to go beyond findings and insights. We believe in passion, skill and experience and offer a professional and competent strategic research delivery process. 

“Our positioning forms the basis of what makes us different and ensures that our research is decision focussed and designed to increase the odds in favour of the decision maker”

We are client focused, which means value giving - often going beyond the brief or budget. Testament to this is our portfolio of long term private sector clients such as; ACP,  Cerebos, Red Bull, & Woolworths to name a few.  In addition D&M has undertaken work for many public sector clients including; NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change & Water, North Sydney and Pittwater Councils, The RTA, SHFA (Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority), SOPA (Sydney Olympic Park Authority), NQTSL (National Institute for Quality Teaching and School Leadership), and the Federal Department of Health and Aging.

Boutique levels of servicing

As a boutique agency we are committed to maintaining consistently high service levels throughout the research partnership.  We consider ourselves to be accessible and flexible with clients, particularly at a senior level and are used to working with large and complex organisations.

Brand Custodians

D&M’s long tenure with staff (over 5 years on average) also translates into consistency and continuity with clients.  This experience has enabled D&M to offer not only strategic advice on a product or specific service level but to understand the impact of these decisions on the overall organisation. We like to think that we care about your brands as much as you do!

Proven Track Record

D&M also conducts regular, on-line client satisfaction surveys as part of our Customer Experience Monitor.  The findings showed in 2010:

  • Over 9 out of 10 on average for overall satisfaction
  • Over 8 out of 10 for providing strategic insights and recommendations;
  • On average clients indicate they plan to implement two-thirds of our recommendations
Good Community Citizen

D&M also cares about looking after the environment and giving back to the community. We are certified carbon neutral by the NOCO2 Institute, and every team member must devote some of the consultancy to pro-bono work. D&M currently is a regular contributor of work in kind for the Centenary Institute and The Macular Degeneration Foundation.

Other features of our research offering include:
  • Experienced and highly skilled quantitative researchers (2 X QPMR) from various disciplines.
  • Abide by the AMSRS research standards and are a member of AMSRO.
  • Reputation for sound, expert results with strategic insights.
  • Research health warnings issued when appropriate.
  • Up to date data collection, research methodologies and analysis.
  • In house Analysis and DP - perfect marriage for quantitative research.
  • Descriptive, inferential and multi-variate analysis capacity in-house.
  • IQCA accredited field in CATI, and Intercept.
  • Leader in on-line research techniques.
What We Value
  • D&M is a ‘Values’ based organisation and is proud to share what we value and believe:
  • We value getting it right
  • We value a can-do attitude
  • We believe in work-life balance
  • We are here to help clients make better decisions
  • We do serious work but have fun doing it
  • We expect commitment, fairness and honesty
  • We support & develop our people
  • We seek new Technology to benefit our clients
  • Oh and lets not forget – no one works on their Birthday – it’s the law!

To see our values in more detail, click here.

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