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D&M People

  • Derek Jones

    Derek Jones

    Position: Managing Director


    Like so many others I did not choose market research as a career, it chose me, and I am so glad it did! I love the variety of working on different categories and challenges every day and seeing how our work impacts the success of our clients – particularly clients that allow you to share in the role as Brand Custodian.

    I am really good at problem solving (my son says he wants to be a fixer like me), which is great because I really need to be in my roles as both Researcher and MD.

    I am passionate about aesthetics & design, culture, proper music, the Sydney Swans and of course my family and tribe of kids (3 in all). If I wasn’t in Research I would have loved to have been an Architect, Interior Decorator or a Musician. One day I want to take on a grand design project!

    I am not the most patient man – but I am working on that!

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  • Katie Armit

    Katie Armit

    Position: Research Manager


    Having worked with D&M for many years as a preferred field supplier, they were the obvious choice for a challenging and new pursuit.  

    With a strong “past life experience” in field and client liaising, I know how to look after you and your projects during the field process.

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  • Tiffany Tham

    Tiffany Tham

    Position: Research Executive


    I work in market research because it’s an industry where you learn something new every day, and there’s something different to take away from every project.

    With projects conducted among many industries, going to work feels like walking into a world of valuable knowledge and high importance. I enjoy being a part of the journey a company takes, and unveiling answers to help them make an informed decision.

    I’d say that I’m good at creating a visually enticing presentations, with many of my skills acquired by my mentor, Derek Jones.

    If I wasn’t in research, I would most likely be a primary school teacher, or perhaps involved with interior design.

    Outside of research, I’m most passionate about crafts or projects, as I am always rewarded with my own creation as a result.

    I am also highly passionate about spending time with my nieces, Nicola and Pru, whose smiles and cheekiness light up my day.

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  • Louise Jones

    Louise Jones

    Position: Chief Financial Officer


    Although my day to day work generally involves running the finances of the company, I am passionate about research and in particular social research where I did my formal training. I have been part of the Market & Social Research Industry since 1990 and as a partner have been involved in D&M from day one. It’s an exciting and interesting industry and one I am very happy to be a part of.

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  • Evelyn Colless

    Evelyn Colless

    Position: Senior Analyst


    I work in market research  because I enjoy working across a broad range of products. I love the challenge of solving tricky programming issues, and get a weird kick that only other programmers would understand, when I solve a complex problem. I love that in programming there is clear ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’. Black and White.

    I am really good at  finding those little errors that don’t look like much, but may undermine a whole project if left as is. I am also really good at Scrabble, and can make a wonderful Caramel Slice when I get the time.

    I could work on letting some of the little things go, but then it seems to always comes back to bite me!

    If I wasn’t in research I would most likely be a programming nerd of some other type. Or maybe a professional Snow Boarder……, a librarian.

    Outside of the research the thing I am most passionate about is reading. I read everything in print around me, from the Cornflakes box to car number plates. If there is text, I read it. To be honest, it’s exhausting.

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  • Doris Dunon

    Doris Dunon

    Position: Senior Marketing Consultant


    For me, it’s essential to have fun in my job, which I have working at D&M; every day is a new adventure. I just love dealing with such a large variety of areas.

    If I was not in the marketing I would probably be a veterinary. As a kid I thought it was the best way to play all day long with hips of dolphins, horses, birds, dogs and kangaroos, until I realized veterinaries don’t have time to play with their patients

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  • Susanne photo

    Susanne Campbell

    Position: Research Coder


    I like working for D&M because I find all the diverse projects interesting and love analysing. I feel valued and think D&M treat their employees well and are an ethical company to work for.

    Derek and his employees have taught me a lot about coding and how to develop code frames. I like the fact that D&M always kept up with the latest trends in the market. 

    Besides my family, travelling and nature, I am passionate about music; Music connects people and brings communities together.
    If I wasn't in Market Research I would be performing on stage, singing songs of relevance with heart and soul.

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  • Angela Gampierakis

    Position: Accountant


    Working at D and M has been an amazing experience and I enjoy coming to work as the people are so lovely and warm. I like learning about market research as it is very refreshing to learn new things and looking at the consumer’s perspective of products and services and finding out how companies can become more successful in branding.

    I like working in finance and dealing with the financial side of the business from payroll, reconciling the bank accounts and dealing with accounts receivable and payable.

    If I was not in accounting I would love to be a tour guide and travel around different parts of the world as I love learning about other cultures and traditions and seeing the beautiful landscapes and sceneries  that the world offers. I would also love to be involved in fitness, maybe as a personal trainer or a netball coach as I love sports and exercising as it is so good for the mind, body and soul.

    I also love spending time with my family which includes 2 young girls and a hubby, I love going to parks, the beach and anything outdoors and having fun. I also like socialising and catching up with friends and family as relationships are very important to me!

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