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D&M’s Ad-SURE is the ultimate research tool for selecting and strengthning the right ad concept for your next campaign. 

What are the benefits of Ad-SURE?

The objective of Ad-SURE is to effectively choose the strongest concept in terms of its underlying insight, its believability, relevance and likely lift in propensity to consider the product, service or offer.

  • Ad-SURE finds the strongest concept - It is not about saying which is a pass and which is a fail
  • Ad-SURE helps you make it better - we aim to optimise the best concept not kill it
  • Ad-SURE works at early stage of the execution – It does not need completed executions
  • Ad-SURE is affordable - packages start from $15k

How does it work?

Ad-SURE brings the best of ad pre-testing and diagnostic metrics together into one simple research package – without the big ad-pretest price tag.
It's designed to test up to 3 ad concepts side by side.

Ad-SURE uses Cognitive Response Analysis to decipher how the concept is working at a cognitive level (thoughts & feelings) combined with classic Ad diagnostics such as Likeability, Relevance, Cut through, & Brand fit to create a whole picture of which concept is the strongest. Add in brand relationship measures such as awareness, consideration, trial and usage and the impact of the concept can also be evaluated at a retention versus switching level .
Most importantly, Ad-SURE is designed to optimise creative not Kill it.

Cognitive Response Analysis asks respondents to tell us what they are thinking and feeling while they are watching the advert, and are then asked to tell us whether each response was either positive, neutral or negative.  Responses are then coded into either Executional or Message takeout and collated to represent all cognition (thoughts and feelings). This example shows what the take-outs are in terms of Message and Execution and how the respondents felt about the overall material.

‘What were you Thinking & Feeling whilst viewing this ad?’
What this Positive, Negative or Neutral?

The question is asked immediately following the viewing and is intentionally non-specific.

Higher Message take-out (60%+) means respondents are processing more Message beyond the executional aspects, whilst higher Execution take-out (60%+) might be indicative of noticing more executional elements which may be distracting from the intended message.

What’s Included?

• Research & questionnaire design, plus project management
• 10-15 minute online survey
• N=300 in-market consumers recruited from the highest quality research only panel
• 3 concepts in story board, animatic of completed executions (maximum 30 seconds each)
• Full CRA plus Diagnostics per concept for side by side comparison
• All Data Processing and Analysts
• Full reporting and in-person debrief presentation including our recommendations on the best concept and how to optimise it.

Why Ad-SURE?

Ad-SURE is brought to you by award winning agency D&M Research, an agency with over 18 years experience in advertising and consumer research. It is brought to you at a fraction of the cost of other ad-pretesting products which usually start at around $40K plus mark. Tried and tested techniques with industry standard diagnostics, and used by major National and International agencies and their clients.

References and Case studies available on request.


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