D&M Research is carbon neutral and accredited across a number of industry quality assurance standards schemes.

ISO 20252

ISO 20252: Market, opinion and social research, including insights and data analytics

The Australian market and social research standard (ISO 20252) sets out requirements for a quality management system and requires senior management to be responsible for quality of client service and continual improvement. The standard covers the management and delivery of research from the executive elements such as research proposals, designing questionnaires and discussion guides, sampling and data processing, and archiving documents.

Qualified Professional Researcher

Qualified Professional Researcher (QPR)

The QPR certification, held by our managing director Derek Jones, provides greater assurance to research buyers, clients and users of research that we have the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to provide comprehensive quality advice on any aspect of research that will lead to real solutions. Derek keeps up to date with ethical and legislative changes and requirements and changes by participating in an annual regulatory training session, and has made a commitment to ongoing professional development.

ADIA Trust Mark

ADIA Trust Mark

The Trust Mark is a seal of endorsement that ensures that ADIA member organisations are compliant with the highest ethical standards, particularly in regards to privacy. It also provides buyers of research the assurance that their data is protected. There are three criteria ADIA member companies must meet to qualify for the Trust Mark: adhere to the Privacy (Market & Social Research) Code and The Research Society Code of Professional Behaviour, plus hold the international standard for market, opinion and social research (ISO 20252).

COVID Safe business

COVID Safe Registered

At D&M Research, we believe that public health is just as important as brand health, and there is nothing more important than our staff and visitors feeling safe when attending our office. For this reason, we have registered as a COVID Safe business and put into place a COVID-19 Safety Plan to create and maintain a safe environment for all. Our plan includes guidelines for the wellbeing of staff and visitors, physical distancing, hygiene and cleaning, and record keeping.