Ad Testing Metrics

Affordable ad concept testing that won't kill creative!

What ad testing metrics are included?

A number of diagnostics on traditional ad testing metrics are included in our Ad-Sure package. The most important being that of likeability which has been shown to be empirically linked to successful ads in market.

Respondents are asked to rate each concept on a number of attributes which are tailored to your particular campaign but generally include Likeability, Brand-Fit, Cut-through, Comprehension, Wear-Out , Relevance, Propensity-Lift, as well as Main Message as an open-ended question.


By comparing concepts side-by-side, the research is able to not only determine the strengths and weaknesses of each of the concepts, but also the relative strength of each against the others.

Along with the cognitive response analysis, a picture of the best concept and how to improve it is obtained.

ad-sure diagnostics

Testimonials from previous Ad-Sure customers

"As someone who was advocating focus groups at the very start of the process, I've been very impressed with what you've delivered."

Western Union

"Just wanted to say a massive thanks for all the hard work on the research – you did an amazing job! We're full bore with production at the moment."


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