June 2014 – Dont trust anyone else, trust a certified agency!

AMSRO Trustmark mediumD&M Research is one of the few research agencies in Australia to have been endorsed by the AMSRO Trustmark.

In addition to the ISO 20252 certification, this Trustmark is real proof to our clients of our continuous commitment to delivering privacy, quality and business ethics on every single project. Find out more about the AMSRO Trustmark and contact us for your next research project.

July 2013 – Read Fuel Magazine Online

Fuel magazine pages

‘Fuel’ is a magazine dedicated to D&M’s take on the world of Marketing and Social Research – profiling our work, clients, and team, in addition to interesting findings, case studies and news. Read more»

June 2013 – What makes a great agency survey

Survey winner

We would like to thank all participants for completing the survey.

We really value your feedback, and we will strive to continue to deliver to the high standard expected from our clients.

June 2013 – Fuel Business Breakfast

Survey winner 2013

May 2013 – Fuel, D&M magazine is out!

Survey winner

We thought it was about time our friends got to know more about the agency they’ve been trusting for so many years. We are therefore very proud to launch ‘Fuel’’, a magazine dedicated to D&M’s take on the world of Marketing and Social Research. Find out about our clients, work, team and findings in addition to interesting case studies. ‘Fuel’ is on limited edition so contact us to get yours first!

June 2012 – D&M Welcomes Clair to the Team; Derek Lectures at UNSW School of Business; The Polygraph

Congratulations to Clair Hanna – who just completed a 12 week internship with D&M. Clair was a real asset to the team during one of our busiest times in recent history. Clair has been rewarded with a Research Assistant role and we look forward to Clair making further contributions to the important work we do at D&M.

Congratulations to Derek Jones who has recently taken up a role as Guest Lecturer at the University of NSW at the School of Business – Derek will be teaching the finer points of research philosophy and methodology to both Marketing and MBA post grad students and is looking forward to the challenge of teaching some of Australia brightest students.

Well over the past 3 years D&M Research has been developing a new driver analysis research technique called ‘Polygraph’

which was showcased through the Media and the Award winning papers ‘What Women & Men Really Want but won’t necessarily tell you’.
The technique is now available to the broader research clientele and has already been used by a number of clients in a range of applications.
The great thing about polygraph is it provides us a completely new way of classifying drivers of brand choice which takes into consideration not just what people say but also what they actually do.

May 2012 – D&M Research is Mobile Enabled

Mobile research is simply enabling respondents to undertake research tasks like surveys and forums on their smart phones, tablets and other 3 & 4G enabled devices. The problem has been that traditional online research solutions have been designed for PCs and laptops and don’t translate well onto portable devices – thus the proliferation of new mobile based platforms and panels.

Working with our software partner Dipolar we now have an online survey platform that just knows whether it’s been deployed on a PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet, then renders and optimises the format accordingly – increases our response rates and respondent engagement at the lowest cost to our clients. No need to reinvent the wheel!

January 2012 – D&M Research is Carbon Neutral!

D&M Research has once again been certified as Carbon Neutral by the Carbon Reduction Institute (CRI)! This means that our company has completely removed our climate change impacts, as authenticated by CRI engineers based on operational emissions, the purchase of carbon offsets, and a monitoring process that ensures our company continues to leave a zero carbon footprint ongoing. To find out more and read the case study, click here»

September 2011 – What Men Want!

Derek Jones finally unveiled his findings of What Men Really Want this month, at the annual AMSRS National Conference (Curious and Curiouser). His research findings have been extensively covered in the press (as can be seen in the Press section of the website), such as publications in the Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, The Punch, a point of discussion on Sunrise, and many others!

August 2011 – A Sneak Peek at What Men Want!

Watch Derek’s interview with Chris Mawn from the AMSRS Committee, for the first sneak peek of the What Men Want Study! The complete findings of this study will be unveiled on the 9th of September at the annual AMSRS Conference.
June 2011 – Derek Jones to present What Men Want at Sydney AMSRS Conference

What men really want from women!

After winning the people’s choice and best presentation awards at the 2010 AMSRS Conference with his presentation, ‘What women really want – but won’t tell you’, this year Jones is back to give you more of what you want with the brother study to reveal what it is that men really want but don’t necessarily articulate. He hopes to demonstrate that men are far less one dimensional than we may think. Like the women’s study, be prepared for a controversial, and sometimes surprising, research ride with plenty of humour to keep you entertained along the way.

To find out more click here»

March 2011 – “What Women Want” Awarded Best Presentation at W.A. State Conference (An Enlightened World)

Derek Jones recently won his third award for “What Women Want” – this time for the Best Presentation at the W.A. State Conference – An Enlightened World. Copies of the report and on-core presentations will be available soon for purchase.

September 2010 -“What Women Want” Awarded Best Presentation and People’s Choice at AMSRS 2010 Conference (Eyes Wide Open)

It’s been a big month for D&M and in particular our MD Derek Jones. Derek presented his much anticipated ‘What women want from men, but won’t necessarily tell you’ study at the 2010 AMSRS Eyes Wide Open Conference in Melbourne’s new Convention Centre. Derek not only won Best Presentation as voted by the judges but also the Peoples’ Choice Award his peers and delegates. The paper was also picked up by the national and international press with over 30 spots to date including the Sun-herald and front page of the MX magazine. Derek said he was humbled by the two gongs and delighted by the response.

June 2010 – D&M Turns 15!

This month, D&M turns 15 and thanks you for all your support along the way! To celebrate, we have given D&M a complete make-over – rebranding with a new logo, new positioning statement, as well as an overall new look and feel! Happy 15th Birthday D&M Research!

May 2010 – D&M is One of Three Finalists at the Research Effectiveness Awards

D&M was recently announced as one of only three finalists in the annual Research Effectiveness Awards under the Commercial Effectiveness category for a study conducted for Jack Singleton of Phone Names Australia. D&M was highly commended by the judges and received a very nice plaque to honour the occasion. To see the presentation for the Phone Names Case Study, click play on the embedded file at the bottom right of this page!

May 2010 – Derek to Present “What Women Want, but won’t tell you!” at Annual AMSRS Conference

Have you ever wondered what we really look for in a life partner? Derek Jones of D&M has been accepted to present the findings of his “What Women Want, but won’t tell you!” study in this year’s AMSRS annual conference. Stage one of the research has been completed, which revealed that women say they mostly want a sense of humour, honesty and a good personality, and don’t want arrogance, rudeness or bad hygiene. Will these follow through to stage two where Derek intends to discover the hidden, less articulated aspects that attract and repel? The best way to find out is to attend the AMSRS conference in Melbourne in October 2010.

April 2009 – Its a fact, Phone Names are Easier to Remember than Phone Numbers

After being a finalist at the Research Effectiveness Awards Derek Jones spoke at an Advertising Conference at Darling Harbour about Phone Names Case Study. To see presentation, click the play button below.

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