Bill MorganQualitative Director

Bill Morgan

Bill Morgan

Senior Qualitative Consultant

Managing Director of partner agency, Cognition Research

Bill has over 23 years’ experience in research having worked on both agency and client sides of the business. Bill is a dual skilled qualitative/quantitative researcher, although Bill’s area of specialty is qualitative research, in particular ethnographic approaches. He has a degree in Sociology, Psychology and Economics, has a passion for behavioural economics and consumer psychology and is constantly seeking ways to apply this learning to his work.

Bill has extensive financial services and insurance experience research both in Australia and internationally. Key to this has been his understanding that ‘non-rational’, heuristic based decision making is in play just as much as, classic ‘rational’ extended, or limited, decision making. His division of consumers into ‘Believers’ and ‘Analysers’ has proven to be a potent lens by which to understand the decision journey that consumers take.

Over recent years he has worked extensively in the insurance category; Avant (medical indemnity), OnePath/INGA (personal insurances), IAG (business insurances), NRMA (roadside and car insurance), as well as having worked in financial services generally for the likes of ANZ, Morgan Stanley amongst others.

Building upon Bill’s expertise in ‘Shopper’ research, gained working with Coles and other retailers, in 2014 Bill conducted Cognition’s online shopping study which explored shopping behaviour at a general level across different categories including financial services. Thus Bill also has a strong understanding of the impact and role of channels in decision making.

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