Design Takes Centre Stage

Posted by  D&M Research Team

POSTED ON  January 6, 2017

CATEGORIES  Business News

2017 marks the year when D&M Research will take visual communications to the next level with the creation of a new full-time position of Information Designer to be filled by newly-employed designer Emre Aral.

D&M Research has always placed a high priority on our production values when it comes to disseminating and communicating research findings through our reports and presentations. However, researchers are not designers and with the move towards a more “infographic” style of reporting and the need for clients to be able to quickly repackage key findings for internal communication, we knew we needed to boost our capacity in this area.

“The creation of the new role is a real win-win with clients getting professionally-designed reports and infographics, and D&M freeing up researchers’ capacity to spend more time on analysis and reporting – ultimately helping clients make better decisions,” says Derek Jones, managing director.

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