Oversupply: Are We Spoiled By Having Too Much?

Posted by  D&M Research Team

POSTED ON  October 8, 2014

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New research shows that although our kids might be spoiled by too many presents and awards, there are many things we actually enjoy more even if they are more abundant.

The research conducted by Derek Jones, managing director of D&M Research, with the support of Nine Rewards focused on the premise that if scarcity leads to higher value and appreciation of things, then the proliferation of “stuff” would surely diminish our enjoyment and experience of things.

But the research showed that, in fact, the opposite can be true too, and where technology makes the experience of something we now do more often better, it can actually lead to heightened experiences. Photos, accessing news and, surprisingly, gaming and music – all of which have increased, are actually enjoyed now more than in the past. The research showed that technology is not only the great enabler of proliferation but can also act as a sort of immunity to scarcity effects – but only when it makes things better.

The research did show some “spoiling” effects around what we give out kids, with older generations enjoying their presents and things like school awards much more than current generations, but newer generations are enjoying other aspects that have also increased, like overseas holidays and kids TV shows.

Derek says, “The findings were a real surprise with evidence that more is not always bad. It really depends on the frequency we do things and whether or not the technology makes it better or not.” The research concludes with a new set of rules for scarcity and how this impacts our enjoyment of things, but also on marketing.

Watch Derek’s full presentation of his research at the 2014 AMSRS National Conference below.

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