What is Brand Health?

Posted by  D&M Research Team

POSTED ON  October 28, 2021


What is brand health?

Brand health is essentially a set of standardised metrics that are used to measure how your brand is currently performing in the hearts and minds of consumers against your competitors. This is usually done at a category level including all the major and minor brands that play in that space.

Why measure brand health?

Measuring brand health is an important component of understanding how your campaigns and marketing activities are impacting on your brand over time within the context of the competitive landscape.

When should you measure brand health?

Ideally you would firstly create a benchmark measure of your brand’s health prior to any significant marketing or product activities such as an ad campaign, a new product launch or a brand identity or positioning relaunch, and then again after the activity. This is commonly referred to as a pre-post measurement.

This will allow you to effectively track the impact of these activities on the brand. Some brands prefer to incorporate brand health as part of an ongoing program measuring annually, every 6 months, quarterly or even more often depending on activity.

What should you measure in brand health?

Brand health typically covers three broad areas:

  1. Brand funnel metrics to understand the brand’s current performance across several consideration
  2. Brand equity scores to understand the value the brand brings against competitors
  3. Brand image to understand what associations consumers have with the brand that can help with purchase decisions

In our next blog posts, we’ll take a deep dive into the different measures, starting with brand funnel metrics. Stay tuned!

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