What Men Really Want

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POSTED ON  September 14, 2011


Following on from his research into what women want, D&M Research’s managing director Derek Jones has turned the tables with his latest study into what men want.

According to Derek, the results suggested Aussie men felt stuck in a politically correct straitjacket that stopped them from speaking their mind. “It may be they have matured through political correctness and have been socialised not to say everything they think,” he said.

In order to dig deeper and draw out a true list of attractive and unattractive qualities of women, Derek made use of the Im-Ex Polygraph method. This method of analysis was originally devised by Derek to distinguish what people say they want from brands, products or services from what they really want by comparing stated versus derived measures of importance.

What men say they want and don’t want

Just like women, men seek trust, togetherness, love and respect, friendship and a sense of humour. They also find common ground in disliking dishonesty, unfaithfulness, poor personal hygiene, inconsideration, arrogance, rudeness, laziness and addictions.

Men differ, though, in being more overt about “attraction” compared to women, including both physical and personality, and want their partners to be down to earth and easy going but supportive of them at the same time. They also say they are not keen on ignorance, superficiality, boring, unattractive or no personality, a bad attitude to men nor negativity with no passion for life.

What men really want and don’t want

Through our unique questioning technique – the Im-Ex Polygraph method – we were able to dig deeper and draw out the real, less spoken attributes of women that men find attractive and unattractive. It’s clear that while men say one thing, they actually mean another!

At the heart of it, men want “loving” but packaged in a woman who reflects her attractiveness in her smile and eyes, supports him, is down to earth and doesn’t mind trying new things. Men will compromise on a women’s independence, confidence, education and potentially personal appearance if other attractors are present.

When it comes to areas of delight – that is, qualities that impact attractiveness but are stated as less important – physical attraction trumps, and men specifically focus on women’s physical assets – boobs, bums and how they are presented.

In terms of turn-offs, the core detractors in men’s eyes are poor hygiene, ignorance, superficiality, no passion and boring. Men will, however, tolerate bossiness and forgive some vices previously stated as unattractive (like smoking and being fake) if other detractors aren’t present.

Finally, there are the areas of disgust which men understate when asked – these are being being physically unattractive or overweight, being bad in bed, talking too much and having an unattractive voice.

Watch the presentation

The response

The study was picked up by national press, including The Daily Telegraph, Sunrise and the Today Show. Watch the segment on the Today Show below!

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