Brand Sure

Brand Sure

Brand Sure

Brand-SURE is another cost effective research tool for testing logos and/or package designs – without the big price tag. It’s designed to test up to three brand identities (logos) or packaging options side by side.

Brand-SURE effectively chooses the strongest concept in terms of its underlying insight, its believability, relevance and likely lift in propensity to consider the product, service or offer.

  • Brand-SURE finds the strongest concept in terms of association, preference, purpose and brand fit.
  • Brand-SURE helps you eliminate weaker concepts and make stronger ones better.
  • Brand-SURE ensures the concept has universal meaning.
  • Brand-SURE is affordable – packages start from $12.5k.

Brand-SURE also uses Free Word Association to decipher how the respondent reacts at a cognitive level and to check it has universal meaning.

SRA is then combined with classic concept diagnostics such as Distinctiveness, Visibility, Adaptability, Memorability, Timelessness, Simplicity, Brand fit and Preference to create a whole picture of which concept is the strongest.

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