Case Study: Addressing Global Warming

Putting wind in the sails of an ambitious idea

The need for research

A Sydney-based entrepreneur who is passionate about finding a solution for global warming commissioned D&M Research to explore public support and appetite for a community subscription-based platform that directly funds energy projects aimed at addressing global warming through the mitigation of carbon emissions.

The method

A combination of qualitative and quantitative research was conducted across the Sydney metropolitan area. Focus groups were used to explore the existing attitudes to global warming and gauge initial responses to several concepts for the platform, including how the platform should be communicated and what the platform should be called.

This allowed us to refine the concepts in terms of copy and to create a short list of names for the platform to be tested in the quantitative research. Online surveys were then used to test the refined concepts, the level of support for specific projects in the Sydney area, and to measure the propensity to join and fund the project at different price points.

The result

“The Global Warming Solution” was identified as the best name for the platform along with optimised copy to best communicate it to the public. A forecast model was built to demonstrate the likely funding over a 12-month period, and confidence was given to the initiative through the clear support for specific wind farm projects in the Sydney area. The project was to be launched in late 2020. You can find out more about the project at