Case Study: Cover-More Travel Insurance

Customer experience research that delivers more than just NPS

The need for research

Cover-More, an international travel insurer, was keen to include the customer experience as a KPI across the business. This included not only measuring NPS (Net Promoter Score) but also a range of other metrics such as customer satisfaction and performance across several levers that could be actioned to improve the customer experience and ultimately customer advocacy for the brand.

The method

A sample of customers were surveyed every month including those that made a claim or needed assistance in the past month or so. Several models were developed to understand the levers that the business could pull to improve its NPS. This was achieved by analysing open-ended responses to why customers gave an NPS and developing these into attributes which were then tested using regression analysis.

A key set of drivers was then determined and tracked over time with the business focused on improving service by improving its performance on those things that mattered.

The result

The program has been running now for six years and has undergone several revitalisations to keep it fresh and relevant. Over this time, the business has been able to improve its NPS by improving on the known and measured areas that impact advocacy. The program continues to monitor customer experiences on a monthly basis with a focus on the key areas of transactions, assistance and claims.