Case Study: Fox Sports

Defining what makes great on-air talent

The need for research

Create a blueprint of what makes a great rugby league presenter/commentator. Specifically, which presenter qualities are “must have” versus just “nice to have”, and which are “must avoid” versus “nice not to have”.

The method

Fox Sports’ interest in the project had been piqued by the IM-EX Polygraph technique showcased through our “What Women Really Want” and “What Men Really Want” studies. The challenge was to go beyond viewer rationality to reveal the true tapestry of what makes a compelling league presenter, commentator or panel.

The research was a two-stage study firstly discovering the relevant attractor and detractor attributes through traditional focus groups in the league heartlands of Sydney and Brisbane. This was followed by a national online quantitative stage among NRL fans to deploy the Im-Ex Polygraph – comparing what viewers said they want and don’t want to the attributes they associated with their fantasy and reject panels.

The result

The study created a blueprint for what makes a quintessential presenter and panel, building on existing intelligence within Fox Sports. D&M also provided profiles of both Fox Sports’ and rival networks’ talent, creating a foundation for talent strategy and optimisation for the 2013 season.