Case Study: Interbrand

Breathing new life into a national brand

The need for research

Interbrand was commissioned by a national health fund to revitalise the brand including the introduction of new brand assets and the retirement of existing ones including a very well known slogan and jingle. Given the iconic and salient nature of the existing brand asset suite, Interbrand needed to take stock of the value of the existing assets and track the transition through the introduction of the new ones as the heritage assets where phased out. Interbrand approached D&M to build a tracking study to measure and track the assets throughout the transition period spanning more than two years.

The method

D&M reviewed existing Interbrand models of brand attachment and connection and built research techniques that could benchmark and measure the value of the assets. The research used a combination of techniques from various disciplines including free association and recognition, crowd and predictive theory.

The survey itself employed a number of innovative approaches including a “share” game and a multilevel asset recognition task along with more traditional rating and ranking tasks.

The result

The research benchmarked the value of the existing brand assets and was then able to show movements in the relative values of both the heritage and the new assets as they were introduced into the market. The study was not only able to assess the assets in isolation but also in combination, revealing the interaction effects on the assets and their value, giving not only assurances to the client during the transition phase but key insights to optimise the assets suite and their introduction.