Case Study: Klick Communications

Understanding "girl time" and female friendships

The need for research

Klick Communications’ (now Klick X) client was a national hotel chain that wanted to market end-of-week “pamper packages” to women and their friends aged 25-34. They theorised that women spend less time, money and energy when preparing to go out with their girlfriends than when they go out on a date, even though many have known their girlfriends longer than their boyfriends or partners. The research was also aimed at understanding how important “girl time” is and why pre-girl-time preparation seemed to be reserved only for special occasions.

The method

D&M used the In-Press product for this research. In-Press is a PR-inspired research product that delivers consumer insight results in a two-page, press release style headline report, outlining the key stories and supporting facts for client campaigns.

300 Australian women aged 25-34 completed a 5-minute online survey about how they spend their free time, whether they spend more time and money getting ready for a “boy date” rather than girl time, and what they think gets in the way of quality girl time.

The result

The research revealed that despite the fact that 68% of women in the survey had known their closest girlfriend longer than their boyfriend or partner, they nearly always place a higher priority on seeing their male partners when they have free time. Using the headline “Women sacrificing lifelong female friendships for men in their lives”, Klick created a PR campaign aimed at inspiring women to get together and reconnect with their BFFs, while marketing the hotel’s “Get Polished” deal, encouraging women to take up the package.