Case Study: LOUD

Optimising ads for a multicultural audience

The need for research

LOUD’s client was in the international money transfer business and needed to be able to reach its target of essentially migrants and expats living in Australia with frequent fresh and insightful TVC campaigns. LOUD generally brings to the table at least three campaign ideas based on different consumer insights and benefits. The challenge was to select the best ad based on its ability to engage and motivate the target in the marketplace. Rather than rely purely on the their own experience and expertise, LOUD engaged D&M to choose and optimise the best ad concept over a number of TV campaigns.

The method

We used our Ad-Sure method for the task as it had the ability to not only select the strongest concept but to optimise it further. The technique used animatic versions of the three concepts to test in an online sample of n=300 target consumers.

Ad-Sure uses a combination of cognitive response and traditional diagnostics to decipher, diagnose and then decide which concept to take through to production.

The result

In both cases, the research was able to identify the strongest concept based on message processing, propensity lift and traditional diagnostics like likeability, believability, relevance, cut-through and brand fit. In addition, the research identified executional tweaks ensuring that even the strongest concept was optimised when it went into production. Both studies resulted in successful campaigns in the marketplace building on the great creative and strategic talents of the LOUD agency.