Case Study: Newtown Business Precinct Association

Understanding Newtown visitor economics

The need for research

The Newtown Business Precinct Association (NBPA) is a modern chamber of commerce with over 100 members representing small business in the Newtown precinct. The NBPA are serious about operating successful business and work together to ensure the creation of the right environments for business to operate in. Their charter is to provide a strong and unified voice for business, support the viability and skills base of local business, and market the unique difference of the Newtown precinct.

In 2015, the NBPA wanted to place a value on visitation to the Newtown precinct so that it could bring evidence-based arguments to the issues potentially impacting the area, including major infrastructure and other developments.

The method

D&M Research designed a cost-effective online study that would deliver the necessary outcomes within the NBPA’s modest budget. D&M Research undertook part of the project on a pro-bono basis to facilitate this. An online survey of n=400 Sydney adults was undertaken across primary, secondary and tertiary catchments based on proximity to Newtown.

The result

The study benchmarked Newtown against other major Sydney precincts in terms of past, non- and future visitations, along with profiling by demographics, reasons for visit, modes of transport, spend, precinct associations and impressions. The study put a dollar value on visitation based on a last visit snapshot. This has enabled NBPA to be able to bring evidence-based discussions regarding planning that impacts the area along with an ability to better target its marketing activities.