Case Study: Phone Names

Providing evidence to support a theory

The need for research

Phone Names (now 1300 Australia) claimed that a phone name is easier to remember than a phone number because a customer simply dials the name of the company they’re looking for using the letter on their telephone keypad (e.g. 1300 FOXTEL, instead of 1300 349 835). Although this claim appeared to have face validity, it had never really been tested and quantified in a controlled research environment.

The method

Phone Names commissioned D&M Research to test the veracity of this central claim, using an experimental matched-sample approach in an advertising setting. One sample saw the phone name, and the other the phone number, in a clutter reel from which they were later tested for number recall.

The result

D&M Research ultimately demonstrated consumer preference for phone names over phone numbers, with research finding phone names to be at least five times more memorable than phone numbers. After incorporating the results into sales presentations, sales conversion rates increased from 8% to over 20%.