Case Study: Tourism and Events Queensland

Driving high-value tourists to the Sunshine State

The need for research

Prior to 2019, Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) undertook extensive consumer research which showed that consumers wanted a deeper and more meaningful connection to Queensland. As a result, TEQ believed that tourism is a quest for experiences.

This led the organisation to a new marketing direction and brand architecture for Queensland that showcases the experiences that best define the Queensland story in the most competitive and compelling way. To guide this new direction, TEQ developed an Experience Framework which identified five key Experience Pillars and relevant Hero Experiences that could drive visitation for each. The goal was then to use the framework to gain market share and increase overnight visitor expenditure (OVE) in Queensland. 

Research was therefore required to prioritise which of Queensland’s Hero Experiences TEQ should promote against domestic target market segments – in particular High Value Travellers who generate a disproportionate share of OVE for Queensland.

The method

A combination of qualitative (4 moderated communities of 30 respondents plus 4 focus groups) and online quantitative research (n=1,000) was undertaken to understand and refine the Hero Experiences and then build a hierarchy that would result in increased overnight expenditure, particularly with High Value Travellers.

A detailed process of consolidation, review and refinement of the Hero Experiences was undertaken across the two stages of qualitative research, with 18 Hero Experiences agreed on to take into the quantitative research. A maximum-differential scaling approach (Max-Diff) was used in the quantitative research to create choice-based hierarchies for different High Value Traveller segments (Young Couples; Families; Older Couples).

The result

The result was overall 4 distinct Hero Experiences emerged that were significantly more appealing (above parity from a choice perspective) than the rest in terms of triggering a trip to QLD. These varied by segments with some segments having up to 7 experiences. The results allowed TEQ to package their marketing communications with specific highly salient and meaningful QLD experiences to target specific visitor segments.