Case Study: University of Sydney Union

Building a community of rich interactions

The need for research

The University of Sydney Union (USU) approached D&M Research in 2009 to explore how it performed against an “ideal” university union and to understand the different types of students based on attitudes to university, life, studying and relationship to the union. In 2012, USU wanted to build on these findings, and multiple research stages would be needed to gain deep insight into this area of interest, including qualitative and quantitative. A method of student recruitment was needed in order to obtain particular student types for qualitative and quantitative research.

The method

A Market Research Online Community (MROC) was the most beneficial tool for USU’s needs, as not only did it deliver the core need of recruiting students, students would also be opting in to an online community where they could partake in daily, weekly or monthly research activities around a shared topic of interest.

It would also serve as a platform to keep students engaged with the USU as well as generally keeping in touch with their classmates. The MROC had been active among the University of Sydney students for three years.

The result

The community delivered on the students required for the qualitative and quantitative research with ease, and now continues to grow week by week, giving USU a solid element for any quick decisions they need to make. Among other things, USU has used this community to help them successfully decide on new print ads that would be implemented in 2013 around campus.