Case Study: Vitamin Brand Identity Research

Understanding vitamin users and their category and brand perceptions

The need for research

A start-up vitamin company had a view to launch into pharmacy in early 2018 with the aim to be best in category, with the best possible ingredients backed by clinical research. A brand strategy was required to cover market positioning, product range, naming and brand identity in order to ensure that the brand delivered something different to its competitors yet was highly relevant to consumers’ lives.

The method

D&M Research crafted a three-stage approach to address all objectives.

The first stage was an online community of vitamin purchasers/users to gain a basic contextual understanding of the target audience, and their perceptions of the category and brands, to provide inputs and context to the interpretation of quantitative results.

The second stage was a national online survey of the attitudes and usage patterns of vitamin purchasers/users, to get a more accurate and representative picture of the whole category. Brand awareness and drivers of choice were among the items surveyed.

The final stage was a concept testing using D&M’s proprietary Brand-Sure tool. Respondents were asked to evaluate three new brand propositions on their visuals and a range of diagnostic measures including brand fit, quality and distinctiveness.

The result

The research confirmed which concept and bottle combination would be the best suited for launch. The analysis showed that it performed best as a concept SKU, had the best standout on a shelf, was the most memorable, and the most suitable design should the range be expanded in the future. D&M Research also ensured the winning bottle had a high linkage to the driver analysis in the second stage, which found that delivering on efficacy was the top stated driver to purchase.