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February, 2019
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Learn How To Revitalise Your NPS Program

December, 2018
Revitalise Your NPS Program
If you include the Net Promoter Score (NPS) in your customer experience program as a valuable source of information, you may find this whitepaper an interesting read. This white paper not only outlines our research methodology and findings in detail, but also aims to provide solutions to the long-standing issues with NPS. The research won Best Paper at the 2017 Australian Market & Social Research Society’s National Annual Conference. To further discuss our award-winning NPS paper and resulting program, call D&M Research on (02) 9565 2655 or email Robyn* today. Download the NPS Whitepaper *Robyn Ordman is the author of the award-winning paper "5 New Ways To Revitalise Your NPS Program" and a Research Consultant at D&M Research.

All New Website

April, 2017
Our trusty old website has served us well, but we thought it was about time to trade it in for a newer model. We are proud to soft launch the new, easier to navigate D&M Research website. Check out some great features:
  • All mobile friendly
  • More interaction with live regular surveys
  • Simple scroll down menu
  • Easy access of important information with a mini menu on the side of each page
We think it’s pretty swish, but we’d love to hear your feedback before the official launch.

Design Takes Centre Stage

January, 2017
2017 marks the year when D&M will take Visual Communications to the next level with the creation of a new full-time position of Information Designer to be filled by newly-employed designer Emre Aral. According to D&M’s MD Derek Jones - D&M Research has always placed a high priority on our production values when it comes to disseminating and communicating research findings through our reports and presentations. However researchers are not designers and with the move towards a more infographic style of reporting and the need for clients to be able to quickly re-package key findings for internal communication, we knew we needed to boost our capacity in this area,: ‘The creation of the new role is a real win-win with client’s getting professionally designed reports and infographics and D&M freeing up researcher’s capacity to spend more time on analysis and reporting – ultimately helping clients’ make better decisions’ Derek said.

D&M Wins Amp Capital Shopping Centre Customer Experience Program

December, 2016
D&M Research is proud to be awarded the CEEP (Customer Experience Performance Program) for the third consecutive year delivering cost-effective field, analysis and reporting across their entire Australian and New Zealand shopping centre portfolio. AMP Capital is currently Australia’s third largest manager of retail property, including three of the country’s top 10 centres by gross leasable area and has a current portfolio of 28 centres under management spanning across Australia and New Zealand.

D&M Spreading The Good News To Graduates

November, 2016
D&M Research has a reputation for employing, training and developing graduates to have stellar careers not only within its own organisation but beyond as researchers and buyers. Part of this program includes an annual presentation by MD Derek Jones at the University of Western Sydney’s Psychology Careers Day expo. Many graduates display an interest in a career in Market Research after attending and the feedback indicates that they have not previously considered Market Research as a career path. D&M is now working with AMSRS to secure better cooperation between employers and the graduates to ensure that the industry attracts the best minds , and that the industry attracts quality practitioners and thinkers into the future.

All Aboard The New Community Platform

December, 2016
After many years in the making D&M is excited and proud to announce the adoption of the Web Community Creator as its new MROC (Market Research Online Community) platform. Working with our long-standing research software provider Dipolar, the new product is a perfect addition to the suite of online data collection tools at our disposal. The new platform is a cloud-based discussion and community platform that promotes high levels of engagement , provides deep insight, and makes research truly social. The features of the new platform are amazing for both respondents and researchers and the best way to see what it offers is to watch this 90 second introductory Video. (https://vimeo.com/148557127)

One + One = Three

October, 2016
In 2016 D&M Research & Cognition announced a synergistic and strategic alliance between two boutique agencies with a long-standing working relationship. The new alliance delivers the following key benefits to our clients.
    • Complementary skill sets with D&M focusing on the delivery of Quantitative research and Cognition Qualitative research.
    • Boosts the level of senior and strategic thinking to all projects.
  • Increases the level of expertise accessible to clients.
  • Increases the ability to deliver larger and more complex projects in a timely and well-resourced manner.
The alliance just made sense following many years of working together delivering client insights and delivers a significant boost in the senior ranks for both organisations – according to the agency heads Bill Morgan and Derek Jones. “‘We truly believe that this alliance will equal more than the sum of parts and that 1+1 can equal 3.”’

Don’t Trust Anyone Else, Trust a Certified Agency

June, 2016

D&M Research has just been renewed for the 2017 year and is one of the few research agencies in Australia to have been endorsed by the AMSRO Trust Mark. In addition to the ISO 20252 certification, this Trust Mark is real proof to our clients of our continuous commitment to delivering privacy, quality and business ethics on every single project.

To find out more about the AMSRO Trust Mark click here (http://www.amsro.com.au/trust-mark) and contact us for your next research project.

In The Media – Some Of The Best From The Past

June, 2016

With the launch of our new website we have cleaned out a lot of the old news items but thought some were worth keeping given their success and interest by the press. Follow the links below to view these archived news stories.