D&M Story

D&M Story

D&M StoryBy 1995, Derek’s partner Louise had joined the business and later that year D&M was incorporated and moved to its own office space in Burnie St Clovelly. By 1997 D&M had five staff and relocated again to a larger premises where it stayed for the next 3 years. In 2001 D&M purchased and moved to its spiritual home in Newtown. D&M has been in Newtown ever since and has acquired an additional strata office to accommodate future growth. Although D&M has grown to a multi-million dollar agency with over 10 staff we intend to keep it boutique enabling us to offer superior levels of service along with our big agency capability.

The Naming of D&M

Why D&M? We are often asked what the name D&M Research stands for, and the common misconception is that it stands for ‘Derek & someone starting with an M’- nothing could be further from the truth as the name actually stands for D&M as in having a D&M or a “Deep & Meaningful” conversation. Although this term has lost favour in recent times we continue to use the name and have resisted the temptation of rebranding to the longer name. Our own research indicates clients prefer the shortened version because it adds a little mystery to the agency.

The Genesis of D&M

D&M Research was established in March 1994 by its founder and current Managing Director, Derek Jones. Derek started the business in the sunroom of his one bedroom flat in Bondi. This quickly gave way to his lounge-room, then its own room in a two bedroom apartment, and by year’s end the business had taken over the entire living space. It was time for D&M to leave home.

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