Face Value

Face Value

FACE Value

Go beyond just counting likes and start to measure the impact of ‘liking’ your Facebook page on overall sentiment and advocacy of your brand.

Knowing how many people like your page is a measure of brand affinity and engagement but it doesn’t tell us whether or not your postings are having any impact on moving the needle in terms of overall brand affinity and propensity to purchase.

FACE-Value is an extremely cost effective way of going beyond likes to really measuring your return on investment of your Facebook driven content.

Specifically how does liking (and therefore exposure to posts) impact the following metrics?:


  • Affinity: – i.e. How favourable am I currently to your brand
  • Advocacy: – i.e. How likely am I to recommend your brand
  • Commitment: – i.e. How committed am I to buying your brand
  • Momentum: – i.e. How I see your brand – on its way up, holding its own, on its way down
  • Conversations: – i.e. Had a positive conversation with someone about your brand in the last three months; Yes, No

Packages start from $5K plus GST

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