Katie ArmitSenior Research Consultant

Katie Armit

Katie Armit


“I love the discovery journey, walking with my clients from speculation through to research based insights then delivering an end piece that is consumable and actionable.”

Katie has enjoyed a diverse and long research career spanning more than 15 years across a wide range of research facets, clients and industries.

Katie is a dualist with a strong background in both quantitative and qualitative approaches, and more importantly the integration of findings and insights in multi-stage projects.

Her particular strength in bringing findings and insights to life, and bridging the gap between research and execution is evident in her many years of work – particularly in the key area of consumer segmentation and driver analysis.

Katie’s specialities include education (particular secondary school), communications (including public relations research), sports and entertainment. Katie is an avid reader and our resident oracle when it comes to anything and everything, but especially literature and entertainment.

Katie joined D&M in 2007 and works on accounts such as the Catholic Education Office, Fox Sports and Trend Media.

In another life Katie would have been a museum curator, antique jewellery appraiser or urban dictionary editor

HER FUEL: Instagraming her life every day at 8:45am, travelling and anything involving a time machine, space ship or magical thingymebob

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