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Liane Ringham

Liane Ringham


“Businesses need insights but they are actually quite hard to find. An insight isn’t a true insight unless it points to a new and surprising growth opportunity, otherwise it’s a finding and doesn’t transform thinking.”


Liane is an applied anthropologist with significant commercial experience in helping clients acquire and retain customers and advocates. With over 30 years experience and as a recognised leader in the insight profession, she has a highly attuned sense of what makes customers tick and where the profitable opportunities lie.

She is a hands-on researcher, strong communicator and strategic consultant. With a skill set that spans both numbers, qualitative methods and consulting, she applies critical thinking to business challenges, earning a role as a valued member of the client team.

Liane loves all furry animals (and lizards too), and has a brown belt in karate which she is hoping to convert into black one day.

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