MROC stands for Market Research Online Community and is a type of online research community where a targeted group of people are recruited to take part in daily, weekly or monthly research activities around a shared topic of interest such as a product or category.

Imagine a Facebook or Linked In group with additional functions like the ability to run quick polls, moderate discussions and forums with all or just some members, run simple and complex surveys and/or just listen to peer-to-peer discussions about your product or category. All without the privacy, security and data ownership issues of Facebook.

MROC is fast, cost effective and can bring great benefit to your insights requirements:

  • Real Time: Provides real-time access to your customers and prospects – it’s always on and there for you so it’s faster and can cut your research cycle down significantly.
  • Cost Effective: Over the course of time can be significantly cheaper to running ad-hoc focus groups and surveys – it’s your panel so you are saving on recruitment, travel, venues and more.
  • Listen: Brings LISTENING in addition to ASKING to the research paradigm.
  • Innovate: Brings the ability to innovate, test and fail fast at a fraction of the cost of traditional research techniques.
  • Collaborate: Can be used to collaborate with members on new product and communication ideas.
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