One + One = Three

One + One = Three

October, 2016
In 2016 D&M Research & Cognition announced a synergistic and strategic alliance between two boutique agencies with a long-standing working relationship. The new alliance delivers the following key benefits to our clients.
    • Complementary skill sets with D&M focusing on the delivery of Quantitative research and Cognition Qualitative research.
    • Boosts the level of senior and strategic thinking to all projects.
  • Increases the level of expertise accessible to clients.
  • Increases the ability to deliver larger and more complex projects in a timely and well-resourced manner.
The alliance just made sense following many years of working together delivering client insights and delivers a significant boost in the senior ranks for both organisations – according to the agency heads Bill Morgan and Derek Jones. “‘We truly believe that this alliance will equal more than the sum of parts and that 1+1 can equal 3.”’

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