D&M understands your need for news and that survey results can be a powerful attractor of media attention, though PR budgets don’t often stretch far enough for inclusion of dedicated research.

InPRess is a PR-inspired research product that offers the antidote to ignite your next campaign with consumer insights from a national survey that won’t break the budget.

And all from an award-winning agency known for its PR prowess! Check out our Media page to see how we have used PR to our advantage.

Not only do you get budget-friendly research to support your campaign, you also have the choice to either leverage D&M’s name as a well-known and independent agency that undertook the research, or simply undertake it on your behalf.

We deliver results in a two-page press release style Headline Report outlining the key story and supporting facts ready for you to find the best angle for your campaign.

  • Create questions directly relevant to your campaign and scale according to your budget!
  • Get expert advice on design, question development and data analysis.
  • Access a nationally representative sample, accredited sample source and robust sample sizes (starting from n=300 respondents).
  • Prices from $5,000 plus GST.
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