Market Research Playbook

Be confident when undertaking or buying market research

What is the Market Research Playbook?

The Market Research Playbook is a PDF reference guide for all the things you need to consider, plan and check for successful market research. Based on over 30 years of market research experience, it covers:


Goals and Objectives

Consider the business problem that requires evidence to support a decision of going one way or another.


Planning Your Research

Anticipate early issues and define basic parameters in a one-page research plan.


Design and Structure

Create a design plan for a questionnaire with suggested flows.


Survey Length

Strike the right balance between getting all the information you need, and keeping respondents engaged.


Minimising Bias

Learn about the different types of biases that can affect responses and plan strategies to minimise them.


Routing and Piping

Specify rules for hiding irrelevant or repetitive questions, resulting in better respondent experiences and cleaner data.


Timing and Testing

Ensure that everything you have planned and designed in the 'soft' version of your questionnaire is executed correctly.


Sourcing Sample

Learn the difference between using BYO sample and sourcing sample from permission-based panels. Get tips for how and when to use each type.


Selecting and Controlling Sample

Consider how you will select and control the sample and sample size with our 5-point plan.


Data Cleaning

No data set is perfect. Learn what to check for and remove before declaring your data clean and ready for analysis.


Data Analysis and Reporting

Bring all your previous efforts to the final act of the research process. Get tips for developing your own approach to reporting or presenting.

Why this book is for you

  • Feel confident when undertaking research or buying market research services
  • A complete guide from initial planning through to the research report or presentation 
  • Tap into over 30 years of market research experience
  • Easy-to-understand and follow content that cuts the jargon
  • Plenty of examples to demonstrate concepts
  • Delivered in a printable format that you can keep handy on your desk
Market Research Playbook

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