The D&M Way

The D&M Way

Boutique & Unique

Boutique & UniqueWe like to think of ourselves as Unique & Boutique – but what does this mean and how does this benefit our clients?

In a nutshell it means boutique agency levels of service with the unique ability to deliver big agency capacity by having most research functions integrated in-house. Put more simply this means hands on Seniors giving boutique levels of services – backed by the integration of the whole research process in house – giving big agency capability!

This means when you commission D&M you are buying the whole company with:

  • Seniors that become brand custodians and know your business;
  • Seniors that front every project;
  • Seniors that are data intimate and know the implications for your business;
  • Backed by Intelligence, expertise and experience applied at every step through internal consultation between our own in-house experts.

Decision Focused Philosophy

Decision Focused PhilosophyD&M research is all about Return on Investment (ROI) for our clients which we believe is delivered through our decision focused platform. Our philosophy is that we Create Knowledge (the What) through the practice of Market and Social Research (the How) but what you are really buying is the Why; TO increase the odds in favour of the decision maker – you.

In practice this means pushing back on briefs and making the extra effort to really understand what are the decisions that need to be made off the back of our research. As our own research demonstrates the range of risk (Benefit to Loss ration) of getting a decision right for larger companies (over $5M revenue) – on average exceeds $1M. Here is our simple philosophy to ensure that we deliver decision focused research:

  • We understand that at the end of every research project lies important decisions.
  • Research therefore should deliver more than just great insight.
  • Strive to ensure knowledge & insight we deliver on every project is decision focused.
  • Consistently look deeper into business problem to distill decisions that need to be made on the back of research.
  • Match our approach, analysis and interpretation of data to these decisions.
  • Increase the odds of a better decision & a better return on investment of research dollars.

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