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Give your business a boost during COVID-19 with accessible, affordable market research.



A "vaccine" for COVID-19 business interruptions!

What is VACS-12?

VACS-12 is a new market research product from D&M Research. With VACS-12, you can ask 12 questions nationally of a representative sample of Australian adults, delivered with Value, Accuracy, Confidence and Speed.


Access research at a fraction of the cost of an ad-hoc study and even better value than any omnibus product currently available.


Best practice sampling and sample management ensure your research represents the Australian population, adding census weighting of data to ensure it is truly representative.


D&M Research has always been about being decision confident. Now is a time to innovate and experiment with new product and service ideas. Increase the odds of finding and capitalising on the right opportunity with affordable world class research.


Faster than any ad-hoc study and even quicker than an omnibus, this research can be with you in a matter of days, not weeks.


Twelve questions of your choice to ask the population with access to assistance and advice by a qualified researcher to ensure your questions meet the objectives and use best practice scaling.


VACS-12 can help with any research application including:

  • PR and news stories
  • Product launches
  • Brand health
  • Campaign tracking
  • Attitude and behaviour studies

The value, speed and automation of VACS-12 is achieved by removing:

  • Test links for review
  • Daily updates
  • Real time reporting link
  • Visual stimulus


Option 1


Cost (excl. GST)



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Find your opportunity and come back better. Enquire now!

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Product details

  1. 1
    n=500 or n-1,000.
  2. 2
    Up to 12 standard* questions in addition to age, gender and location as standard, PLUS life stage, work status and income, OR, if you prefer, 3 of your own demographics/discriminators.
  3. 3
    1 open-ended question included as part of the 12.
  4. 4
    Incidence of 70%+.
  5. 5
    Simple logic and mobile first design.
  6. 6
    Pre-defined nationally representative quotas on age, gender and location.
  7. 7
    Final data delivered in Excel tables with up to 20 banner columns.
  8. 8
    Summary charts at a total level.
  9. 9
    Data weighted to ABS 2016 Census.

*Standard question defined as any of the following:

  • Single or multiple response with up to 8 codes.
  • Multiples of 3 statements within a grid question with up to a 7-point single response scale.
  • Multiples of 2 statements with a grid of up to 8 multiple response codes.
  • Multiples of 1 statement within a grid with over 8 multiple response codes.
  • 1 open-ended question.
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