Voice of Customers

Voice of Customers

Voice of Customer (VoC) programs have become increasingly popular amongst companies working to improve better relationships with customers. VoC tries to understand what a customer needs and wants and any concerns they may have, by continually gathering, analysing and acting on customer feedback.

Many VoC programs have been built around the ever increasingly popular metric NPS or Net Promoter Score which is a derivative of the traditional 11-point likelihood to recommend metric developed by Fred Reichheld. Some programs in fact only have an NPS question followed by reasons for giving that score as their entire VoC program, however this presupposes (as its author purports) that NPS is the only metric you need to collect because it is correlated with growth, a claim that is the subject of much debate.

At D&M we believe NPS is here to stay but limited in its ability to inform strategic changes that impact consumer behaviour and therefore your bottom and top line. D&M’s approach to NPS is to embrace, enhance and extend NPS into your VoC program:

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