Your Decision

Your Decision

What’s Your Next Decision?

D&M Research is all about increasing the odds in favour of the decision maker – that is you! So the next time you are pondering an important decision, think of us to steer you in the right direction.

Here are some of the more common decision moments where we can help:

  • What do our customers and potential customers really want from our product or services? (Driver Analysis)
  • What is the optimal price of our product to maximise revenue and profit? (Price Elasticity)
  • Who should we target with what products, services and offers? (Segmentation)
  • Where should we focus resources in terms of conversion from knowing us to buying from us? (Brand Health)
  • Where is the best place to position our brand against our competitors? (Positioning)
  • Which advertising concept will best resonate and drive sales with our current and potential customers? (Ad Testing)
  • Which areas of our services or product features need improving? (Customer Satisfaction)
  • Which new product developments or innovations are likely to be successful in the market place? (NPD Testing and Modelling)
  • What salient message or customer insight should we build our next campaign on? (Exploratory Research)
  • Who are our potential customers and what do they think and look like? (Demographic & Psychographic Profiling)

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