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Our Partners

D&M Research believes in the power of delivering clients an even broader range of expertise and experience through our strategic alliances with tried and tested agency partners.

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Bill Morgan
Cognition logo

Bill Morgan

Managing Director, Cognition Research

“Better brand strategy is not passive, it creates meaning in people’s lives by adding to the culture they live in and connecting with them on an emotional level. As someone smarter than me once said ‘the more people feel, the more they buy’. It’s our job to help clients forge this connection.”

In 2016, D&M Research and Cognition announced a strategic alliance following many years of working together to deliver client insights. The new alliance delivers the following key benefits to our clients:

  1. Complementary skill sets with D&M focusing on the delivery of Quantitative research and Cognition Qualitative research.
  2. Boosts the level of senior and strategic thinking on all projects.
  3. Increases the level of expertise accessible to clients.
  4. Increases the ability to deliver larger and more complex projects in a timely and well-resourced manner.

Bill has over 23 years’ experience in research having worked on both agency and client sides of the business. Bill is a dual skilled qualitative/quantitative researcher, although Bill’s area of specialty is qualitative research, in particular ethnographic approaches. He has a degree in Sociology, Psychology and Economics, has a passion for behavioural economics and consumer psychology and is constantly seeking ways to apply this learning to his work.

Liane Ringham
Inside Story logo

Liane Ringham

Managing Director, Inside Story

“Businesses need insights but they are actually quite hard to find. An insight isn’t a true insight unless it points to a new and surprising growth opportunity, otherwise it’s a finding and doesn’t transform thinking.”

In 2017, D&M Research and Inside Story, after 3 years of working together, announced a partnership between the two organisations to share research resources across their portfolio of clients. Inside Story is a long-established and well-regarded brand name led by its high profile director, Liane Ringham.

Liane boosts our seniority stocks and brings a wealth of expertise and experience to D&M and its clients, along with access to a range of proprietary products and services. Liane is a partner of D&M, as is our MD, Derek Jones, to Inside Story, creating a synergistic alliance across both research and business activities.

Liane is an applied anthropologist with significant commercial experience in helping clients acquire and retain customers and advocates. With over 30 years experience and as a recognised leader in the insight profession, she has a highly attuned sense of what makes customers tick and where the profitable opportunities lie.

She is a hands-on researcher, strong communicator and strategic consultant. With a skill set that spans both numbers, qualitative methods and consulting, she applies critical thinking to business challenges, earning a role as a valued member of the client team.

Liane loves all furry animals (and lizards too), and has a brown belt in karate which she is hoping to convert into black one day.

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