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In-Press - Research for PR

Cost-effective research to generate PR news and stories

Want to generate great exposure and reach for your brand?

D&M Research understands the power of PR and how it can create great exposure and reach for a brand at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Creating a great PR campaign, though, requires a story that is engaging to both journalists and consumers. This means having new and engaging content, which can be a challenge to generate. Using research to create great PR stories has long been a preference by PR companies and their clients – and journalists and the broader press usually love it because it is based on facts.

What is In-Press?

In-Press is a PR-inspired research product that offers to ignite your next campaign with consumer insights from a national survey that won’t break the budget.

Not only do you get budget-friendly research to support your campaign, you also have the choice to either leverage D&M’s name as a well-known and independent agency that undertook the research, or simply undertake it on your behalf.

Results are delivered in a two-page press release style "headline report" outlining the key story and supporting facts ready for you to find the best angle for your campaign.

How does it work?

In-Press uses an online survey methodology to access a nationally representative and accredited sample source with robust sample sizes (starting from n=300 respondents). Our team creates the survey questions with you - directly relevant to your campaign and scale according to your budget! Along the way, you get expert advice on design, question development and data analysis.

Key points

  • In-Press helps you find a category relevant, newsworthy story for your brand
  • In-Press uses scientific sampling to represent the population of interest
  • In-Press allows you to use our name as an independent and credible source
  • In-Press is affordable
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What's included in the package?

  • Research and questionnaire design, plus project management
  • Nationally representative, accredited sample source and robust sample sizes starting from 300 respondents
  • Includes two screening questions relating to your product or category (e.g. grocery buyers, categories purchased, parents etc.)
  • Plus 8 standard demographics to tell your story – age, gender, area, education, work status, occupation, income, household type
  • Packaged with advice from a senior research consultant to find the story
  • All data processing and analysis
  • Succinct press release style headline report outlining the key story and supporting facts ready for you to find the best angle for your campaign

From $5,000* plus GST

*Based on a 3-5 minute survey, n=300 respondents and a recruitment incidence of over 80% of general population qualifying.

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