Customised Market Research

Market research designed to meet specific business problems and decisions

Although D&M provides ready-made market research products and solutions to meet a range of marketing and business challenges, there are times when a customised approach is warranted to meet a specific need or objective.

What is customised market research?

Customised research is the process of designing a market research solution or program to meet a specific business or marketing problem that does not have an obvious ready-made solution.

Our approach

Vigorous and creative problem solving in the design and implementation of every customised project.

D&M utilises state-of-the-art research methods and techniques across a range of offerings:


  • Qualitative research via focus groups or in-depth interviews (face to face, phone, or video conferencing) 
  • Quantitative research via surveys (online, face-to-face, or telephone surveys)
  • Ethnography via in-field observations
  • Conversations via purpose-built online communities


  • Projective techniques to uncover emotions and feelings that respondents can’t always articulate
  • Correspondence analysis to create brand landscapes to understand how your brand is positioned against others
  • Driver analysis techniques such as our proprietary IM-Ex analysis, regression analysis, Max-Diff, and other choice-based model solutions to understand how customers choose in your category
  • Latent class analysis to cluster consumers in your market into actionable and accessible market segments
  • Cognitive response analysis to understand how your communications are being processed at a cognitive level
  • Price Ladders and Price Sensitivity Meters to understand price elasticity and optimal pricing for any product


  • Advertising research
  • Purchase behaviour studies
  • Driver analysis studies
  • Customer segmentation studies
  • Concept testing
  • Brand health studies
  • Brand image and position studies
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Want to discuss how our customised market research approach can help you successfully take advantage of any business or marketing problem or opportunity?