Ad Concept Testing

Ad Concept Testing

Affordable ad concept testing that won't kill creative!

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve got three ad concepts and need to decide which one to make. Everyone’s got their view on the best one but you just want to be sure.

What is Ad-Sure?

Ad-Sure is the ultimate tool for selecting and strengthening the right ad concept for your next campaign.

The objective of Ad-Sure is to effectively choose the strongest concept in terms of its underlying insight, its believability, relevance and likely lift in propensity to consider the product, service or offer.

How does it work?

Ad-Sure uses an online survey methodology, bringing the best of ad pre-testing and traditional ad testing metrics together into one research package without the big price tag. It's designed to test up to three ad concepts side-by-side.

Ad-Sure uses cognitive response analysis to decipher how the concept is working at a cognitive level (thoughts and feelings), combined with classic ad diagnostics such as likeability, relevance, cut-through and brand fit, to create a whole picture of which concept is the strongest. Add in brand health measures such as awareness, consideration, trial and usage, and the impact of the concept can also be evaluated at a retention versus switching level. 

Key points

  • Ad-Sure finds the strongest concept – it is not about saying which is a pass and which is a fail
  • Ad-Sure helps you make it better – we aim to optimise the best concept, not kill it
  • Ad-Sure works at the early stages of execution – it does not need completed executions
  • Ad-Sure is affordable
ad concept testing

What's included in the package?

  • Research and questionnaire design, plus project management
  • 10-minute online survey
  • n=300 in-market consumers recruited from the highest quality research only panel
  • 3 concepts in storyboard/animatic of completed executions (maximum 30 seconds each)
  • Full cognitive response analysis plus diagnostics per concept for side-by-side comparison
  • All data processing and analysis
  • Full reporting and in-person debrief presentation including our recommendations on the best concept and how to optimise it

From $15,000* plus GST

*Based on 10-minute survey, n=300 respondents and a recruitment incidence of over 80% of general population qualifying.

Testimonials from previous Ad-Sure customers

"As someone who was advocating focus groups at the very start of the process, I've been very impressed with what you've delivered."

Western Union

"Just wanted to say a massive thanks for all the hard work on the research – you did an amazing job! We're full bore with production at the moment."


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