Brand Positioning

Let us help you define, refine or measure you brand positioning so you can differentiate your brand from your competitors

What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning is one of the most fundamental disciplines in branding and marketing. It is the way in which your brand stands out, identifies itself and connects with consumers. In essence, it is all those key attributes or qualities that have become synonymous with your brand over years of association with what you say and do.

Consumers (consciously or unconsciously) use positioning to help them decide which brands are right for them in a particular category beyond the features and benefits. Positioning can be a powerful tool that can impact your bottom line in several ways such as:

  • A premium positioning (e.g. Mercedes-Benz) means the ability to command a premium for your product and therefore command higher margins and profits
  • A value positioning (e.g. Jetstar) can lead to higher penetration of your product meaning more volume and larger profits
  • An innovation and design positioning (e.g. Apple) can lead to not only higher prices but also more loyal customers and secure revenue and profits
  • A performance and inspirational positioning (e.g. Nike) can lead to the ability to extend your brand into other product lines and therefore more revenue and profit
  • A convenience or accessibility positioning (e.g. Zip Pay) can also lead to increased penetration, market share and therefore revenue and profits

Talk to us about defining, refining or measuring your brand positioning today!

How can D&M Research help?

There are several ways in which marketing research can help a brand with its positioning. These fall into three broad categories:

  • Define your positioning from scratch by understanding the existing territories within a category and helping you to choose the most fertile and best fit for your brand
  • Measure where your brand is currently positioned against your competitors in the brand landscape to see if you are realising your current positioning intentions
  • Help you pivot or stretch your current positioning to a more fertile territory while maintaining a believable brand fit

All these objectives can use a combination of exploratory (qualitative) and sizing (quantitative) research along with sophisticated analysis techniques such as projective and correspondence analysis and D&M Research can help you define, refine, or measure you brand positioning.

Talk to us about defining, refining or measuring your brand positioning today!

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