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Posted by  Derek Jones

POSTED ON  March 3, 2022

Let’s talk about trust, and, in particular, trust in the organisation you choose to undertake your market research.

Why is this important? Well, I am sure you would agree that the foundation of any good relationship, including in business, is trust. Trust means we can rely on each other and feel safe and confident working together. It also means that we can do business together more efficiently because of the positive connections we have cultivated not only with you the client, but also with our team, our partners and our suppliers.

But trust doesn’t come easily, and if you are either new to market research or considering a new research agency relationship, then you might find yourself needing to make a leap of faith with an agency you haven’t worked with before, and this can feel risky and daunting.

The good news is that there is a way to mitigate this risk and be confident from the get-go that you have chosen an agency you can trust. 

How? When you choose an agency that carries the Australian Data and Insights Association (ADIA) Trust Mark, you are assured that you are working with an agency that is compliant in the highest standards across quality, ethics, and privacy, including the protection of your data.

ADIA Trust Mark

And here at D&M Research, we are very proud to have been endorsed with ADIA’s Trust Mark since its very inception back in 2014.

What is the Trust Mark?

The Trust Mark, established in 2014,  is a seal of endorsement that ensures that ADIA member organisations are compliant with the highest ethical standards, particularly in regards to privacy. It also provides buyers of research the assurance that their data is protected.

How do agencies qualify for the Trust Mark?

In order to qualify for the Trust Mark, agencies must meet stringent and mandatory criteria including:

  • Privacy: Adherence to the Privacy (Market & Social Research) Code,
  • Quality Assurance: Companies must have the International Standard for Market, Opinion and Social Research qualifications (ISO 20252), and
  • Ethics: Adherence to The Research Society Code of Professional Behaviour

ADIA members are awarded the Trust Mark as part of their membership once they have met these strict criteria.

To maintain the Trust Mark, ADIA member companies must take part in an annual independent ISO audit, must comply with ADIA’s co-regulated privacy code, and participate in ongoing member training.

Why is the Trust Mark important?

Business and government departments are increasingly using data to make critical decisions. This appetite for data, combined with consumers increasingly carrying out their lives online, means research that is unethically sourced or breaches privacy is available to buy.  

The Trust Mark guarantees business and government decision makers that they are buying research that is quality-assured and meets not only ethical standards, but also work under Australia’s only (non-mandatory) registered Industry APP Privacy Code. 

It provides the reassurance that you are using a legitimate, professional research company that is audited by ADIA to ensure compliance. The Trust Mark protects client reputation and integrity.  It also reduces risk for all parties and provides confidence and certainty.

So don’t take a risk with market research or market research agencies, choose D&M Research as an accredited Trust Mark provider. For your confidence, D&M Research can be seen listed in the ADIA directory as a Trust Mark endorsed supplier.

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